An event commemorating the Nakba with American Jews in attendance was held close to the White House.


Demonstration of the Palestinian Nakba in front of the memorial (Washington Obelisk), the Congressional Building and the Lincoln Memorial (Al-Jazeera)

Washington - To commemorate the 1948 Palestinian Nakba, hundreds of Palestinians, Arabs, and Americans congregated in front of the Washington Monument (Washington Obelisk), roughly midway between the Congressional Building and the Lincoln Monument.

In addition to other organizations, the demonstration was organized by Muslim Americans for Palestine, the Palestinian Youth Movement, and the Palestinian Christian Union for Peace.

The event's organizers delivered a variety of introductory materials to draw attention to the amount of Palestinian suffering as a result of Israeli actions that have been endorsed and supported by previous US administrations.
In order to educate Americans about the Nakba and its consequences as well as the Palestinian youth's commitment to working to free their nation from Israeli occupation, the Palestinian Youth Movement circulated a newspaper.
The Palestinian national anthem was sung to kick off the protest, and several prominent members of the Palestinian community gave brief speeches during it. Their speeches focused on denouncing the racist policies of the Israeli government and criticizing the US's financial, military, and diplomatic support of Israel.

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