American author: No matter who has an impact on him, allegations of corruption in the Biden family must be looked into

A writer for The Daily Beast cautioned journalists against falling into the trap of avoiding fact-checking and labeling any controversy as a Republican Party fabrication, saying that while they have the freedom to doubt claims, they should nonetheless investigate them.

Journalists paid little attention to the claims that President Joe Biden's family received millions of dollars from the president when he was former Vice President Barack Obama, according to newspaper columnist Matt Lewis, who explained in an article that everyone's attention was last week focused on the cases against former President Donald Trump.
The return of the Biden family corruption case
Lewis said reporters have long known that President Biden's son, Hunter, and his two brothers, Frank and James, profited financially by exploiting their family ties to Biden.

He highlighted that a report issued on Wednesday by House Oversight Chief James Comer re-emerged the issue, because it indicated that more family members benefited than was previously said, and that the money came from foreign entities (including Chinese nationals). and Romanian businessmen), and that some of the payments occurred while Joe Biden was serving as vice president.
He continued by saying that in certain instances, these foreign sources appeared to have used Biden colleagues to launder money before transferring some of it to the accounts of Biden family members.
Lewis complained that attempts by governments and foreign companies to give bribes have become ordinary and typical, even for journalists, and that "family rewards are so common and usually done with legal loopholes closed."
He provided, as an illustration, a New York Times article with the heading "The Republican House Report Finds No Evidence of President Biden's Irregularities."
Unless you believe the Republicans made everything up, he argued, there are two questions that need to be addressed: Why do members of the Biden family receive millions from foreign organizations yet receive nothing in return? Furthermore, why do the Bidens appear to go to tremendous measures to set up front firms that will fool anyone attempting to track the money?
Lewis said that since Republicans are presently attempting to obtain a document from the FBI they feel will support their case, the House Oversight Chief's claim that he is still in the "early stages" of the inquiry appears credible.
He claimed that the Wall Street Journal may have put it more succinctly when it stated: "There may not be a smoking gun, but there is a lot of suspicious smoke out there that deserves investigation."

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