What Is Property Damage Liability Insurance?

Property Damage Insurance covers the cost of damages that you may cause to someone else's property while using your vehicle. Specifically, it helps to pay for the repair or replacement of the other party's property that has been damaged in the accident. This can include damage to other vehicles, buildings, fences, or any other type of property that is not owned by you. Property Damage Insurance may also cover legal fees and other related expenses if you are sued by the other party for damages. The exact coverage limits and terms of the policy will depend on the specific insurance company and policy that you choose.

What Is Property Damage Liability Insurance?

Property Damage Insurance Requirements by State

The requirements for Property Damage Insurance (PDL) vary by state in the United States. In most states, drivers are required to carry a minimum amount of PDL coverage in order to legally operate a vehicle on public roads. The following are the minimum PDL requirements 

Alabama: $25,000
Alaska: $25,000
Arizona: $10,000
Arkansas: $25,000
California: $5,000
Colorado: $15,000
Connecticut: $25,000
Delaware: $10,000
Florida: $10,000
Georgia: $25,000
Hawaii: $10,000
Idaho: $15,000
Illinois: $25,000
Indiana: $10,000
Iowa: $15,000
Kansas: $25,000
Kentucky: $25,000
Louisiana: $25,000
Maine: $25,000
Maryland: $15,000
Massachusetts: $5,000
Michigan: $10,000
Minnesota: $10,000
Mississippi: $25,000
Missouri: $10,000
Montana: $20,000
Nebraska: $25,000
Nevada: $20,000
New Hampshire: $25,000
New Jersey: $5,000
New Mexico: $10,000
New York: $10,000
North Carolina: $25,000
North Dakota: $25,000
Ohio: $25,000
Oklahoma: $25,000
Oregon: $20,000
Pennsylvania: $5,000
Rhode Island: $25,000
South Carolina: $25,000
South Dakota: $25,000
Tennessee: $15,000
Texas: $25,000
Utah: $15,000
Vermont: $10,000
Virginia: $20,000
Washington: $10,000
West Virginia: $25,000
Wisconsin: $10,000
Wyoming: $25,000

It's important to note that these are only the minimum requirements and you may want to consider purchasing more coverage than what is required by law to protect yourself financially in case of an accident. Additionally, some states require drivers to carry other types of insurance, such as Bodily Injury Liability or Uninsured Motorist coverage.

How Much Does Property Damage Liability Cost
The cost of Property Damage Liability (PDL) insurance can vary depending on several factors, such as your driving record, the make and model of your vehicle, and the amount of coverage you choose. On average, PDL insurance can cost around $500 to $600 per year. However, this can vary significantly based on the state you live in, as well as your personal circumstances and the insurance provider you choose.

It's important to shop around and compare quotes from several insurance providers to find the best rates for your specific situation. You may also want to consider bundling your PDL insurance with other types of coverage, such as Bodily Injury Liability or Collision coverage, to potentially lower your overall insurance costs.
Keep in mind that choosing lower coverage limits may result in lower insurance premiums, but it may also leave you financially vulnerable in case of an accident. It's important to carefully consider your options and choose a policy that provides adequate protection for your individual needs.

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