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Mobile tricks app &  Hidden features of Android & android phone tips

Mobile tricks app &  Hidden features of Android & android phone tips
  • Keep your phone updated: Regularly check for software updates and install them as soon as they become available, as they often contain security patches and bug fixes.
  • Customize your home screen: Arrange your apps and widgets to make it easier for you to find what you need quickly.
  • Use a launcher: Third-party launchers like Nova or Action offer more customization options than the default launcher.
  • Use a password or fingerprint: Make sure to enable either a password or fingerprint lock to keep your phone secure in case it gets lost or stolen.
  • Use Google Photos: This app allows you to store an unlimited number of photos and videos in the cloud, freeing up space on your phone.
  • Use a task killer: This app allows you to close background apps that are consuming your phone's resources and slowing it down.
  • Use a file manager: This app allows you to easily navigate and organize the files on your phone.
  • Enable battery saver mode: This feature helps to conserve battery life by reducing the performance of your phone when the battery is low.
  • Use a VPN: A Virtual Private Network app encrypts your internet traffic, keeping your browsing activity private and secure.
  • Try to clean up your phone regularly, remove unnecessary files, apps and clear the cache.
Hidden features of Android

  • One-handed mode: This feature allows you to shrink the screen size to make it easier to use with one hand. It can be enabled by swiping in from the side of the screen or by going to the settings menu.
  •  Split-screen mode: This feature allows you to run two apps side-by-side on the same screen. You can enable it by long-pressing the recent apps button or by going to the settings menu.
  • Google Assistant: You can access Google Assistant by holding down the home button or by saying "OK Google." It can answer questions, set reminders, and perform other tasks.
  • Google Lens: This feature allows you to scan and identify objects using your phone's camera. You can access it through the Google Assistant or by using the Google Photos app.
  • Smart lock: This feature allows you to keep your phone unlocked when it is in a trusted location, such as your home or office.
  • Do not disturb mode: This feature silences all notifications and calls when you don't want to be disturbed. You can schedule it or activate it manually.
  • Night mode: This feature adjusts the color temperature of the screen to reduce strain on the eyes in low-light conditions.
  • Adaptive brightness: This feature automatically adjusts the screen's brightness to match the ambient light conditions.
  • Gesture navigation: Allows you to navigate through your phone using swipe gestures instead of buttons.
  • App shortcuts: Allows you to access frequently used features of an app by long-pressing the app icon.

  • Mobile tricks app
  • Secret Codes for Android: This app provides a list of secret codes that can be used to access hidden features of your Android device.
  • iOS Tips & Tricks: This app provides tips and tricks for optimizing and getting the most out of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Cool Tricks for WhatsApp: This app offers a collection of tricks and tips for using WhatsApp, including hidden features and shortcuts.
  • Mobile Hidden Camera: This app allows you to take pictures and record videos secretly, without anyone knowing.
  • Mobile Network Signal Booster: This app helps to improve your mobile network signal by optimizing your device's settings.
  • Clean Master: This app helps to optimize your phone's performance by cleaning up junk files, freeing up storage space and boosting memory.
  • Automate: This app allows you to automate various tasks on your phone, such as turning on WiFi or Bluetooth when you arrive home.
  • Tasker: This app allows you to automate your phone to perform certain actions based on certain conditions.
Phone tricks and hacks

  •  Use your phone as a remote control: Many smartphones come with an IR blaster which allows you to use your phone as a remote control for your TV, cable box, and other IR-enabled devices.
  • Use your phone as a flashlight: You can use your phone's LED flash as a flashlight, or you can download a flashlight app from the app store.
  • Use your phone as a magnifying glass: You can use the camera on your phone to zoom in and magnify small text or objects.
  • Record phone calls: You can use a call recorder app to record both incoming and outgoing phone calls.
  • Use your phone as a scanner: You can use a scanning app to scan documents, receipts, and other items and save them as PDFs.
  • Use your phone as a WiFi hotspot: You can use your phone's cellular data connection to provide internet access to other devices.
  • Use your phone as a GPS device: You can use a GPS app to navigate and get directions to your desired location.
  • Use your phone as a level: You can use a level app to measure the accuracy of things that need to be leveled.
  • Track your phone if lost: You can use a phone tracking app to locate your phone if it gets lost or stolen.
  • Use your phone as a camera remote: You can use your phone as a remote control for your digital camera, allowing you to take photos and videos remotely.

 It's worth noting that some of these features require specific apps to be installed on your phone and some of the features may not be available on all phone models. Additionally, you should be aware of the phone's battery consumption and privacy concerns when using these features and apps.

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