5 reasons to buy life insurance, even if you already have it through work

Additional Coverage

 Individual life insurance policies can provide additional coverage that goes beyond what is offered through group policies. Group policies often have a set amount of coverage that is based on a multiple of your salary, which may not be enough to cover all of your financial obligations. By buying an individual policy, you can tailor the coverage to meet your specific needs, whether that means providing enough money to pay off a mortgage, pay for your children's education, or cover other expenses. Additionally, individual policies may offer riders that can provide additional benefits, such as accidental death coverage or long-term care coverage. These riders can provide a level of protection that may not be available through group policies.


 Individual life insurance policies are portable, meaning that they stay with you even if you change jobs. This is not the case with group policies, which are typically tied to your employment. If you switch jobs, you may lose your group coverage, leaving you without any life insurance protection. By purchasing an individual policy, you can ensure that your coverage stays in place no matter where you work or how your employment situation changes. This can provide peace of mind and financial protection for you and your loved ones. Additionally, if you have health issues that arise during your employment, having an individual policy may be valuable since you won't have to worry about being denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions when you leave your job.


 Individual life insurance policies can be customized to meet your specific needs, which is not always possible with group policies. With an individual policy, you have the flexibility to choose the amount of coverage you need, the length of the policy, and the type of coverage that best suits your situation. For example, if you have young children, you may want to choose a policy with a longer term to ensure that your children are protected until they are adults. Alternatively, if you have significant financial obligations such as a mortgage or business loan, you may want to choose a policy that provides a higher benefit amount to cover those expenses. By customizing your policy, you can ensure that you have the coverage you need to protect your loved ones and meet your financial obligations. Additionally, individual policies may offer riders that can provide additional benefits, such as waiver of premium in case of disability or accelerated death benefit for terminal illness.

Better Rates

 In some cases, individual life insurance policies may offer better rates than group policies. Group policies are typically designed to provide coverage for a large number of people, which can result in a one-size-fits-all approach that may not be the best fit for everyone. Additionally, group policies may not take into account individual health and lifestyle factors, which can affect the cost of coverage. By shopping around and comparing rates, you may be able to find an individual policy that offers more coverage for less money, particularly if you are young and healthy. This can provide significant savings over the life of the policy. Additionally, individual policies may offer more flexible payment options, such as annual or monthly payments, which can make it easier to budget for the cost of coverage.

Estate Planning

 An individual life insurance policy can be an important part of your estate planning, particularly if you have significant assets that you want to pass on to your beneficiaries. When you die, your estate may be subject to estate taxes, which can reduce the amount of money that your beneficiaries receive. By purchasing an individual life insurance policy, you can provide liquidity to your estate, which can be used to pay estate taxes, settle debts, or provide an inheritance to your beneficiaries. Additionally, life insurance proceeds generally pass tax-free to your beneficiaries, which can maximize the amount of money that they receive. With the help of an estate planning professional, you can structure your individual policy to provide the maximum benefit to your estate and ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

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